Confluence 7.17 release EAP available now

Hi everyone,

A Confluence 7.17 EAP milestone is available now! EAP releases provide a snapshot of our work-in-progress and give you an opportunity to test and fix your apps before the final release.

As usual, we’ll be releasing weekly milestones and betas during the development of Confluence 7.17, so head to Preparing for Confluence 7.17 to find out what’s changed.

Get the latest EAP

If you have any problems with an EAP release, please raise an issue to let us know. The earlier we know about problems, the more time we’ll have to fix them before the final release.


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Does Confluence have place where they publish expected release time frames for upcoming patches like JIRA does? I’m trying to plan an upgrade of our Confluence server, and wondering about using patch 7.16 or waiting just a little while longer for 7.17 if its release isn’t too far off in the future.


Hi @JohnTabet , no we don’t currently publish expected release timeframes for Confluence, but it is something we are considering in future.

Our release cadence is currently ~ 7 weeks. We’ve just released a beta for 7.17 today, with the final release following in a couple of weeks.

Hope this helps, sorry I can’t give you a more firm date to aim for.


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