Confluence 7.19.16 dependency problem

I increased confluence from



and I run atlas-clean package
I faced the following problem:

The following artifacts could not be resolved: com.atlass
ian.xwork:atlassian-xwork-10:jar:2.1.6, com.atlassian.xwork:atlassian-xwork-core:jar:2.1.6: Failure to find com.atlassian.xwork:atlassian-xwork-10:jar:2.1.6 in Index of maven-external/ was cached in the loc
al repository, resolution will not be reattempted until the update interval of atlassian-public has elapsed or updates are forced

Can you assist
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I assume that the artifact is missing the Atlassian repository.

The same ist true for the latest version of 8.5. There the dependency com.atlassian.struts2:struts-support:jar:1.2.1 is missing. Both versions were released recently to fix a critical security issue.

We probably need to wait until Atlassian provides the missing artifacts in their Repo.

Do you know any workaround I can do meanwhile?

Unfortunately there this not much you could do, since artifacts you need are missing. I assume that members of Atlassian are monitoring the messages on this community. You may check to post your question to the release notes of the Confluence version in this community in case you feel you get no official response.

Meanwhile you could fall back to 7.19.15 until the artifacts for the latest version are available. The latest 8.6 version also seems to work. I am not sure if trying to “patch” the POM dependencies of 7.19.16 would come to anything useful.

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Hi all,

We appreciate your patience on this - these artefacts have now been published.