Confluence 7.6.0 ... macro reinstall --> Unknown macro: 'foo'

I have noticed that, with Confluence 7.6.0, there is some delay after installing a plugin/app/macro before it is available for rendering.

I’m not sure if this is something that started happening (or worsened) with 7.6.0 but I have never noticed it before and now I see it all the time during iterative development where I am frequently re-installing my macro.

The symptom is that a page containing the macro renders the unknown macro message:

The workaround is easy, just wait and refresh the page until the macro is available.

It’s not a big problem but it makes me wonder if something changed in 7.6.0. If so, that implies that customers should upgrade Server apps during non-peak hours if they don’t want any interruption of service and I’ve not heard of a restriction like that before.