Confluence 8.2 beta is available now

This week we released a beta for Confluence. There are changes in this release that may directly affect 3rd-party apps.

New in 8.2

To find out what’s in this release, check out the Confluence 8.2 beta release notes.

Get started

Download the beta from our site to start testing your app for compatibility with the changes. Be sure to take a look at our Preparing for Confluence 8.2 guide to find out what you need to do to make your app compatible. We’ll update that page regularly, so keep an eye on it to see any changes.

The Atlassian Confluence team

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Hi @Wendy,

we noticed in the 8.2 betas and rc1 as well as the latest Confluence releases 7.19.7 and 8.1.3 that the blogpost links rendered in Confluence pages have changed from /display/SPACEKEY/2014/06/28/My+Blog+Post
we were wondering if this change was intended or is it a bug? as we couldn’t find any information about this change in the release notes or the preparing for Confluence 8.2 guide.



Thanks so much for raising this @AndreYoussef. I’ve passed your question on to our engineers and will come back to you shortly.

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Hi Andre,

I’m one of the Confluence developers. Here is the answer to your question.

The change of the blog URL is intentional. There are several problems with blog URLs with dates:

  1. The date may be misleading to users in different timezones. For example, a user in Sydney, Australia posts a blog on the 1st of March, but the URL will show /display/SPACEKEY/2023/02/28/My+Blog+Post because server timezone was set to GMT.
  2. URLs with dates are inconsistent. If blogpost title contains non-English characters, punctuations or special characters (like +, &, etc) then Confluence will use stable URL like /pages/viewpage.action?pageId=953065.

The existing URLs will continue working. However, new blogposts will have stable URLs only.

In addition, the page tree and breadcrumbs on blogs will now reflect the user’s timezone instead of the server default timezone.

I hope it answer your question.

Thank you for using Confluence! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @AlexBlekhman ,
Thanks for your response, the reasons you stated do make sense for the change. However, it would have been nice to know about this change from the release notes instead of test failures in our products :slightly_smiling_face:



@AndreYoussef , I’m sorry to hear about failed tests. Frankly, we have quite a few of our own tests failed as a result of the change.

We definitely are going to update release notes!

Am responsible for the failure . The more you try to update the software while listening to hackers and criminals the better all this will be resolved.

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