Confluence 8.3 beta is available now

This week we released a beta for Confluence. There are changes in this release that may directly affect 3rd-party apps.

New in 8.3

To find out what’s in this release, check out the Confluence 8.3 beta release notes.

Get started

Download the beta from our site to start testing your app for compatibility with the changes. Be sure to take a look at our Preparing for Confluence 8.3 guide to find out what you need to do to make your app compatible. We’ll update that page regularly, so keep an eye on it to see any changes.

The Atlassian Confluence team

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Thank you for the announcement. I noticed the release date of the Confluence 8.3 beta release notes is March. It should be May, right?

Highlights of 8.3.0-beta1
Released 20 Mar 2023

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Hi @Wendy

I didn’t find this information in the documentation, but will the REST API for the new version of spaces/site backup and restore be publicly described from version 8.3?


Well spotted @hirota.takayuki ! Yes, correct. The release date of 8.3.0-beta1 was 8 May 2023.

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Hi @adam.labus, good question! I’ve passed it on to the team working on backup and restore and will get them to jump in with the answer.

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Hi @adam.labus ,
Yes, REST API for backup/restore will be publicly available from 8.3. We already have it in 8.2 (link), but as it was under dark feature it wasn’t announced at that time. API will be slightly different in 8.3 as we have changed signature of some methods.


Thank you @IrinaTiapchenko @Wendy, that’s good news :slight_smile:

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