Confluence 8.9 release is available now

Hi everyone,

Confluence 8.9 is available now.

This release supports only Data Center licenses. If you have a Server license, check your options for upgrading.

Download the latest version

This GA release was made available on 2 April 2024.

What’s new?

  • Customize your profile pic
  • Improved comment link copying and macro searches
  • Resize images in a flash
  • Updated editor color palettes
  • Tighten security with websudo allowlists
  • Lots more!

Check out the Confluence 8.9 Release Notes to learn more.

Reminder: for future release updates, make sure you visit the Atlassian changelog (filter by Confluence Data Center), and consider subscribing to the RSS feed.

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Do we know at this time which is the next version of Confluence to be LTS? Thank you!

Hi @aragot. The next LTS we have planned is Confluence 9.2.

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The build number didn’t change between Confluence 8.8 and 8.9 ?

Edit: Although the build number didn’t change, I notice that we can use ApplicationProperties.getVersion(), which returns the application version, which solves everything. Thanks!