Confluence Admin Restrictions Workaround

Hi, I was wondering if there are any exposed API endpoints to get all the content (or at least all the content IDs) in an organization, even if the user that we auth with is restricted from viewing certain content on the UI.

Is there a group with even higher permissions that site-admin? It seems site-admins are also unable to get back responses from e.g. the Get Spaces or Get Content By Space endpoint from content they are restricted from viewing.

I see there is this endpoint to check the permissions, but how would you know if you are restricted from content if you don’t even know it exists?

If there’s no way to get all content via one admin’s auth token, is there any potential workaround to achieve this (such as user impersonation across the entire org)?


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I think you want something like the System administrator permission? It isn’t available in Cloud:

System Administrator This permission applies to the Atlassian staff member who manages your Confluence instance. Site admins can’t change this permission.

Maybe there is another way to solve this - what’s the end goal here?

Hi James, thanks for the response!

The best end goal would be figuring out if there’s a way to get all content for a Confluence instance via the API, regardless of restrictions on a page. The less ideal end goal would be to at least know which spaces and pages I am restricted from viewing via the API.

Right now, I’m unsure of how I would know (as a site-admin) what pages I am restricted from seeing. Is there an API endpoint equivalent to [your domain][space key]? From looking at the API (Add user to content restrction), it seems like you (the account you’re auth’d with) can only add someone to view/edit if you have edit permissions yourself. Is there a workaround to that?

Also, how would I be able to see if any private spaces exist, or if a space is hidden from the account I’ve authenticated with?