Confluence AP.navigator.go() does not support versionOverride

Hi all,

We are trying to get AP.navigator to view a previous confluence page version as described in the JS API here:

// To navigate to the view page for version 2 of a piece of content in Confluence:
AP.navigator.go('contentview', {contentId: '12345', versionOverride: 2});

The versionOverride parameter does not seem to work. Every request opens the latest view of the page. Is there a trick to this? This seems too obvious that no-one else has tried the example but there is no bug report in CONFCLOUD on it.

Thank you

Hi Chris, you’d be surprised at how many bugs go unnoticed. I also noticed a few recently that left me scratching my head as to how they went unnoticed for so long (or maybe people just didn’t bother folowing up on it). I suggest raising a bug ticket. I usually get a more prompt reponse compared to the forums.

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