Confluence API(3LO) returns 404

There is an API (3LO) for Confluence:
But any request, even if it’s same as in the example returns 404. I’ve attached screenshot with all details:

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I have the same issue. I’m reusing code that worked perfectly for Jira 3LO auth and also i’ve enabled all Confluence Scopes for my dev app. And still getting:

404 Not Found, [{"errorMessage": "Site temporarily unavailable"}]

Does anyone here managed to make Beta Confluence 3LO auth work?

I’ve fixed the problem for myself.
The problem was that i’ve use the wrong root path for requests like: https://{domain}
when the correct root path is like:{cloud_id}/

Yeah it works for me fine as well now without any changes from my side. Looks like there was some problem on Confluence API side, but it’s been fixed.