Confluence API only returns a "You are already logged in" HTML page


I’m trying to pull some confluence content with the API, but all I’m getting as a response is this “You are already logged in” HTML page. This is not specific to any one request, it’s happening on everything I’ve tried. For auth, I’m using a Confluence personal access token, per these instructions: Using Personal Access Tokens | Atlassian Support | Atlassian Documentation

Haven’t been able to find any help for this so far, so anything anyone has will be greatly appreciated. Here’s a clean look at what postman’s giving me:

Hello @MattF

Can you please provide a screen grab of Postman with the full URL path of the request, as your screen grab just shows the abstracted URL with variables in two places (Don’t worry about obscuring your domain name; Confluence Cloud domains are public anyhow, so it makes no difference). Also, do not select Preview mode for the response, but leave it in Pretty mode to show the underlying HTML / JSON response.

Are you completely, totally, 100% sure you haven’t given that token to anyone else to use, or are using it with any other script / REST API connection on another IP address, or just logged into Confluence GUI with that user account on another computer / system?