Confluence API v2: How to get page authors information?

In the deprecated v1 Get content by ID API I could get a lot of information about the authors of the page like:

"username": "<string>",
"userKey": "<string>",
"accountId": "<string>",
"accountType": "atlassian",
"email": "<string>",
"publicName": "<string>",
"profilePicture": {
  "path": "<string>",
  "width": 2154,
  "height": 2154,
  "isDefault": true

The v2 APIs like Get page by id seem to only return an

"authorId": "<string>",

and no way of using that authorId to get the authors information?

I’ve tried using the User APIs from v1 like Get multiple users using ids but this API seems to require more permissions from the user than just the permission to view the page.

Is there a way to get author information with the v2 API or is it now intended that the authorId is used to get the author info using the v1 users API?


Hi @MiikaMkiniemi - thanks for bringing this to us!

I can confirm this is by design. These new V2 endpoints are more tightly scoped to the entity they return, and the more granular OAuth 2.0 scopes that are required. The reasoning for this change in the V2 API is in this blog post.

In this case, an additional call would be required.

Hi Simon and thanks for your response!

Do you by any chance know which additional call we need to make to get this information?
We are currently showing information about authors for a page or a blogpost using the information we get when using Get content by id and Get content versions. This information has previously been available for all users with view access to the page or blogpost.

Br, Jenny Adeholt
(Miika is on vacation)

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Hi @jenny - Hi Jenny! The V1 Users endpoints here would be your best bet. The V2 APIs are more tightly scoped to the entities they return for the reasons outlined here. This does mean that in some cases, the app will need to ask for a scope that it previously did not need to request.

Hopefully this helps!