Confluence app install failing with "hiccup" for multiple customers

Hi, we have several reports today on installation failures for our Confluence app (eSign). Customers are seeing the: We ran into a little trouble… It might just be a hiccup. Try again in a bit.

Can reproduced consistently on 1 of our test environments. But install worked normally on another. Our servers are not seeing any installation requests/lifecycle calls from Atlassian for the 'Hiccup" installs at all.

Is anyone else seeing this?


@Chris_at_DigitalRose I see some installation failures related to a macro alias conflict.

May those customers have a previous version of your app installed, with a different app key?

Thank you for the investigation. So far this has been with new customers or in a test environment without any other apps. When/where would the customer see the macro conflict error? So far all that has been reported is the “hiccup” message.