Confluence Cloud App testing new version best practices


I want to test a new version of my Confluence Cloud App in my Confluence Cloud subscription before releasing the version. I tried the following:

  1. Initially I tried running the new version locally and using ngrok so I could install the local version via secure tunnel. However, UPM gave an error that there was already a MarketPlace version installed
  2. Thereafter I tried deleting the MarketPace version, and replacing with the new local version per above. However, UPM gave an error that I could not install a local version of an app previously installed from marketplace.

Hence, I am unsure how to go about testing the app before publishing the new version. I am seeking best practices, and would appreciate any help.

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Hey Andrew,

I have multiple free Confluence dev instances. On one of them, I only install local apps, and never ever install apps from the marketplace. This instance is also the one I use for testing before releasing a new version.

I’m not sure how other vendors handle this, or if this is a best practice, but it worked out well for me. :slight_smile:

Greetings, Fabian

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Hi @FabianSiegel ,

Many thanks for the prompt response. Just to be clear you have multiple <domain> instances that allow you to test the apps?


Hey @AndrewTyson,


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you can also change the app key (for example by adding suffix “-test”) for testing purposes. If you use SpringBoot you can easily parametrize this using spring profiles.
First of all, this prevents you from accidentally updating to production by clicking the “Update” button in Manage Apps.
Using different Jira instance for the different testing environment (test, staging) it is also a good practice.

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