Confluence Cloud db. connection


Please assist with instructions on how to connect to the cloud db using an ODBC Connection.

We trying to to replicate the below connection and data extract for local reporting:

ODBC CONNECT32 TO Confluence (XUserId is [Username], XPassword is [Password])
sql select
concat(‘’, c.contentid),
concat(‘’, s.spacekey,’/’,replace(c.title,’ ‘,’+’) ) as displayurl,
lower(lu.username) as likedby,
lower(lu.username) = lower(cu.username) as likedbyself,
lower(cu.username) as username,
to_char(c.creationdate, ‘MONTH YYYY’) as createmonthandyear,
to_char(c.creationdate, ‘MONTH’) as concreatemonth,
to_char(c.creationdate, ‘YYYY’) as concreateyear
FROM content c
left JOIN spaces s ON c.spaceid = s.spaceid
LEFT JOIN bodycontent bc ON c.contentid = bc.contentid
left join likes l on c.contentid=l.contentid
left join user_mapping lu on l.username = lu.user_key
left join user_mapping cu on c.creator = cu.user_key
WHERE c.prevver IS NULL
and lu.username is not null
AND c.contenttype IN (‘PAGE’, ‘BLOGPOST’);
IntervalMatch (creationdate,username)

LOAD C_From_Date, C_To_Date,username

Welcome to the Atlassian developer community @Mdu.

The short answer is you can’t.

The longer answer is, even if you could, Confluence Cloud’s database schema is no longer compatible with Confluence Server/Data Center. This query wouldn’t work. Most notably, all the user-centric information is now inside of Atlassian Identity. However, we know people still want to “SQL their data” so there was a public announcement about a data lake for Jira Software Cloud. Maybe Confluence Cloud would follow? In the meantime, maybe a Marketplace reporting app or the Confluence Cloud REST APIs would do instead?