Confluence Cloud duplicated blueprints

I have duplicate blue prints in my Confluence Cloud and I don’t know how they get there.

I was playing around with Confluence Cloud Migration Assistant, so initially I thought maybe they got duplicated that way, but no, my Confluence Data Center does not have those blueprints at all.

How did they get duplicated and how do I remove them?

A year ago I was told this was an exiting bug - Our instance has some blueprints that have 3 or 4 entries. No method to clean it up yet.

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We have this issue as well. From what I can tell, it doesn’t seem Confluence automation is able to leverage duplicated Blueprints as a template. If true, this creates a functional issue.

So far in this thread, I’m not sure if this is even related to APIs or apps. It looks to me like @TracyStimac has provided the right path forward. Please watch, vote, and comment on CONFCLOUD-75230. Since this is an issue with the product itself more than APIs or apps, I fear that continued comments here simply won’t reach the right Atlassians. Hence, I’m going to close this issue in favor of the community heading over to the existing bug.