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Hello! We have an app - Spellproof - which runs on Confluence Server & Data Center. The main feature of this app provides a directly inserted spelling & grammar checker within the Confluence Editor. This is achieved today via hooking in the editor itself.

We’d love to get a version of this working in Confluence Cloud (and get lots of user requests for exactly that). However, from what I can tell, there isn’t any editor extension points that we could use.

Is this on the roadmap or available today? Without this, many customers with the forced cloud move will be unable to use our app so looking for how we can best support them forward.


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Hi @GavinBunney,

Confluence Cloud doesn’t support this and I don’t think there are any plans to do so. However, if there are a significant number of server apps that extend the editor, then it would be worthwhile investigating the feasibility of offering the equivalent functionality in cloud. I can start to investigate this, but it will take considerable time to build a case. Can you please share how Spellproof interacts with the editor. I presume it listens to edit events and is able to markup the content, but it would be great if you could provide details.


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Hi @dmorrow , I know this is an old thread, but I missed your reply a year ago!

AFAIK nothing has changed on the editor extension points. In terms of the capability, today Spellproof is essentially a tinymce plugin (sort of), so manipulates the editor and toolbar. The custom button on the toolbar sends the editor content to our backend service, then walks to dom and highlights errors by wrapping them in spans. These then have custom menus available to replace/ignore each error identified.

Any chance the editor extensions have been opened up on your roadmap? Thanks!

Hi @dmorrow any updates here at all?

@Atlassian-Staff Hello! Any updates on allowing editor extensions in Cloud?

Hi @GavinBunney ,

There’s been no progress in this direction. I think Forge is likely to offer the best chance of implementing this so you may like to create an issue in the Forge project to capture your request.


@GavinBunney the best way to implement this in Connect is to register a webhook to receive page content updates, run the spell and grammar check on your system, and use the content byline module to alert users of possible improvements.

Unfortunately, you can’t show red lines in the editor itself, but there are enough UX/UI options to make this worthwhile for your customers!

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