Confluence cloud rest API call to search users is not working?


Since yesterday we started to experience issues using REST API call to search users from our connect apps

Even simplest CQLs like this stopped working (returns 0 results)


Does it work for you guys?



Doesn’t seem to be working for me either. Even searching for myself via my accoundId returns no results.

The various Get user(s) endpoints all seem to be working fine.

Hi @sash011 and @sunnyape,

Thank you for reporting this, I’ve been able to reproduce it and this is currently being investigated.

We will post an update as the investigation continues and the root cause is addressed.

Thank you,

Adding to this that I can confirm our app is affected by this as well and is stopping one of our main features from working properly.

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Could we have this updated on the Confluence status page as it probably break a number of features provided by third party apps?

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Hi all,

We just posted an incident on Statuspage (both Confluence - Confluence Status - Various features are not working for some Atlassian Cloud customer and Developer - Atlassian Developer Status - Various features are not working for some Atlassian Cloud customer).

The original problem reported here has been addressed and the REST API is working correctly. Please let us know if that’s not the case and, if you can confirm that it’s resolved, that would be appreciated.

The incident is still open because the impact on the product (outside of the REST API) is still ongoing.

Future updates will be posted on the incident report directly.



I can confirm the REST api issue is fixed, thanks!

Thank you for confirming this @yongchong.long. Really appreciate it!

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Thanks @ccurti
I can confirm it is working now for us as well

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Hello @ccurti , so I’m not sure if this has anything to do with the ongoing incident but

https://<our_instance> in (xxx,xxx)

is consistently returning 0 results for us when it shouldn’t.

Anyone experiencing the same thing, again?

@ucchishta.sivaguru are you able to access the site at all using the UI? If the site can be accessed, then this is something different from the ongoing incident.

I just did a quick test in my site and I get the results when searching for an accountId. Are you sure that the accounId is correct?

@ccurti thanks for the tip. then I guess it’s different as I’m able to access the UI.

The user and the accountId is valid as I was able to query for it via /rest/api/user?accountId=xxx
However, when I query for the same accountid with /rest/api/search/user?cql=user.accountid=xxx or /rest/api/search/user?cql=user.accountid IN (xxx), I get statusCode:200 with empty results.

Currently, we are planning to use /rest/api/user/bulk as a replacement as that API gets us the expected results (we are fetching for multiple accountids)

Sorry to kick in into your conversation, but are you using your browser to do the requests or from the code (Atlassian connect spring boot may be?)

Hi @sash011,

We are making the /rest/api/search/user? request with AP.request() on frontend JS.
It was working before, and we realized it’s not working anymore.

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Hi @ccurti @sash011, thanks for your time in looking into this. I finally figured out why /rest/api/search/user was returning 0 results for me with the help of @SadiqSatriya!

The first clue came was when I was able to search for myself with that API and that’s when we found out the other users I was looking for was lacking product access to Confluence.

These users were migrated from Confluence Server under scoped migration.

After granting them product access, only then I was able to see the results when I run the query with AP.request().

gonna go hide in a corner now…


Thanks for sharing @ucchishta.sivaguru
Interesting use case. Something we will put into our KB

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