Confluence Cloud REST API privacy updates and migration guide

Today (01 October 2018) we have published details about the Confluence Cloud REST API changes related to user privacy improvements. This also marks the beginning of the deprecation period, ending on 29 March 2019. During this time, API methods will continue to support existing behaviors (i.e., ability to query by username/userkey, receive responses with username/userkey, etc.;); however, at the end of the period, those capabilities will no longer be available.

Confluence Cloud REST API migration guide and deprecation notice:

If you have questions or need support, please use this topic and reply.

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Hi Neil,

Has there been any progress on or ?


@himal - just copying here for visibility.

We spoke at App Week Amsterdam about the issue you encountered with the macro input parameter not returning accountID and instead returning username even after Opt In.

Here’s the public ticket to track. We’ll also update on this thread here.

@nmansilla Privacy migration will require Cloud add-on customers to use updated descriptor files from vendors / atlassian-connect.json. Each time that file changes this requires customer admins to manually click “update app” in the app store. Will Atlassian automatically update customers for us? Or how do we tell customers they need to “update version” of their apps? Otherwise they will possibly break March 29th?

Please provide guidance on exactly what actions customers will have to take? And if they need to do something (like the above) do we need to code in ‘red alert’ messages to our apps or something else?

Hi @brendan -

Manual updates only occur when app updates include additional scopes. Otherwise the changes should happen automatically.

In terms of guidance on communicating required actions for customers I’d recommend at minimum using the release notes functionality in Atlassian Marketplace to highlight the changes. When you create a new cloud version of your app you include a summary and description of the changes (“release notes”) in the version details page. This information will appear in your app listing on the versions tab and any customer watching your app using the ‘watch’ feature will receive an email from Atlassian including your summary and details about the release.


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What’s the GDPR change story with regard to CQL?

I know for JQL in Jira there is now a REST API for vendors to use to migrate any stored JQL strings from usernames/keys to accountIds.

Is a similar REST API endpoint coming for Confluence too to help migrate stored CQL?

@jbevan There is one in the works. I’m working with the Confluence Cloud Ecosystem team now to see when we can make it publicly available. I’ll make sure to post an announcement that it’s available here as well as the Developer blog.

Hey @rwhitbeck, any update on this?