Confluence Cloud REST API v1 to v2 migration

We are building an App using REST API v1s. Some of them are deprecating and we have to migrate to v2. For example -

Space API - Space API v1

moving to

Space API v2

Please help me understand -
v2 APIs are a new set of REST APIs with overlapping functionality with v1.

Not all v1s have corresponding v2s.

  1. Is there a plan to migrate to v2 for all v1 APIs?

  2. What is the experimental tag? I understand v2 having experimental tag but some v1 also have experimental tag. What does experimental tag mean? Are these the APIs that are just under monitor and will eventually mature and stabilize? Do you suggest not using them right now for stable products?
    For ex -
    Get Modules API

  3. Resiliency is very paramount to our app. Earlier with space API, we were skipping batches in case of bad batch. Cursor now will not allow us to do the same anymore. Do you have suggestions?