Confluence content action with custom UI - app container looking and behaving weirdly

In the current version of Forge using a custom UI in a Confluence content action wraps the apps iframe in containers with two separate borders/drop shawo and an unnecessary scrollbar. As far as I can see this must be a change in recent months, as we have an app that uses this and I remember it not behaving like this.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Run forge create and select Custom > confluence-content-action as the template
  2. Build, deploy and install the app on a Confluence instance
  3. Open the custom UI via the new entry in the Page tools menu

Expected behaviour
The content that the custom UI produces is either in a proper dialog chrome or on a blank modal blanket and can render its own dialog chrome (old behaviour as far as I remember) .

Actual behaviour
The Custom UI content is visually shown inside of two containers with a scrollbar even though the content does not exceed the height there at all. The inner of the two borders/drop shadows is set on the iframe that contains the content, so both are outside the control of the app.

Example screenshot of the current behaviour:


Hi @thomas2,

Thanks for bringing it up, it looks like a bug.
We’ll fix it soon.


Any updates on this? This also affects the Modal class and instantly makes any modal look super broken from an end user perspective.

For anyone else encountering this, here’s an issue for it as well: [FRGE-548] Confluence Custom UI Content Actions have unnecessary padding in resulting dialog - Ecosystem Jira