Confluence context menu in edit mode

Hi there,

does anyone know if it possible to add a custom context menu entry in confluence edit mode when some text is selected? I would like to add a context menu there to open an inline dialog in edit mode. As it is possible to add comments in edit mode, it might also be possible to enhance the context menu ui component in forge to be also available in edit mode.
In view page mode it is possible and working as expected.



Hey @ij-s,

Thanks for the suggestion! Could you elaborate on your use case for opening an inline dialog from the context menu in edit mode? Will help us to appropriately prioritise and make sure we implement it in a way that achieves your use case.

After that, I’ll make sure to pass this suggestion on to the appropriate people. :smiley:

Hey @kchan,

thanks for your response. My use case is that I want to do some text analysis in edit mode. If you think about word count for example, it would be much more useful if you could display the count of a selected text when you write it (so in edit mode) than if you save the page and have the view mode, which is now the only possibility to do something like that.


Hey @ij-s,

Thanks for the additional info! I’ve passed on your request to the appropriate people, and have also made this ticket to track the request.

Hi @kchan,

thanks for creating the request. I did that already some days ago, but closed that now as duplicate:

I voted for the new one you created.

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