Confluence: Create subpage via python api

I’m trying to develop an app were I can create a main page and subpages benieve the main page. I am using the atlassian python api were all the commands can be found here: .

The link descrips how to create a main page but not how a subpage can be created. Therefore I wanted to know how can I create a subpage under the main page.

You should ask this at the Github project:

Create page from scratch

confluence.create_page(space, title, body, parent_id=None, type='page', representation='storage')

Just specify the id of the parent page you want to create page under. Here it says parent_id=None but if you want to create a subpage you specify the id of the page you want to put it under.

That’s how the API works I would assume they followed the same approach in their method.

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