Confluence Forge development - inline macro

Very excited about the Forge platform and the plans Atlassian has with Forge for the future.
I have been trying to build a Forge inline macro, but unable to get the macro to behave as ‘INLINE’, it always seems to have the output type ‘BLOCK’.
Can anyone share the best practices to achieve an inline macro implementation with Forge ?
Appreciate your answers.


Hi @DavidRobertP,

As far as I am aware, Forge macros are always output as block elements at this stage. Let me know if you see documentation that implies otherwise and I’ll investigate further.


is there any chance to see Forge macros to render INLINE? @dmorrow

Hi @sash011 ,

Inline macros are not yet supported and I’m not aware of any timeline indicating when they will be.


Thank you for your reply.
That’s a blocker really for the idea we have… rendering what we want in a BLOCK is not good

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I created a ticket on Forge issue tracker, hope it is looked at by Forge devs: [FRGE-511] Support inline macros - Ecosystem Jira