Confluence Forge Marco Interactions in Edit Mode

Hi All,

I am looking to achieve something similar to the “Table of Contents” macro in which links are available to be interacted with whilst in edit mode.

How do I enable interactive content (links,buttons,etc) whilst in edit mode? The default macro behaviour adds a div data-testid=“GlassPane” over the content stopping interactions.

Is there a manifest property I can add to override this? Or is the functionality locked down to Atlassian’s own macros?

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Hello @PeterCock ,

Have you had a chance to explore the MacroConfig component in the UI Kit? It’s compatible with your Forge app, supporting UI Kit, UI Kit 2, and Custom UI integrations. Presently, it has limited compatibility with components such as CheckboxGroup, DatePicker, RadioGroup, Select, TextArea, TextField, and UserPicker.

For detailed information on MacroConfig, please refer to the documentation available here: Selection and input (

Additionally, you can find guides on configuring it for your UI Kit or Custom UI app:

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Yes, I am using the MacroConfig for configuration.

I am not talking about the about the ability to set configuration. I am talking about the ability to interact with links in a macro in edit mode in the macro pane itself. E.G. Like your Table of Contents macro which whilst in edit mode allows users to click links inside of it and navigate within the page.
Forge apps have a div.GlassPane covering the content with cursor:not-allowed style stopping user interactions, I wanted to know if there was a way to enable functionality like with your Table of Contents macro, which allows for these interactions.

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Hi :wave: I’m stumbling into the same issue, have you resolved the problem by any chance? I’m using custom UI and would like to make a textarea for code snippet.