Confluence GraphQL APIs are now available in beta

Hi developer community,

We are excited to announce the release of our first public Confluence GraphQL APIs, now in beta. Check out the blog for information, and please leave us feedback here, or on any post in the Developer Community with the tag confluence-graphql . We look forward to working on this with you!


This is great news! I looked at the docs and Confluence section is not listed but just Compass: GraphQL API

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We are working on getting them added there. Should be there somewhat soon.

They have now been added and you should be able to see them there!

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Hey @TylerBrown glad to see this, looking forward to Jira APIs on there as well :wink: Any plans to bring the Connect app authentication into this as well? I understand this might be challenging from a platform perspective but our apps could reaaally benefit from this :slight_smile:

Thanks for your interest!

There is some internal work and discussion to figure out the best way to get Connect apps to be able to use the auth required so that they could call our public graphql APIs, but I don’t have any definitive answers on timelines or issues to watch. I will mark this down as some extra interest in having that available though, so thanks for letting us know.


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