Confluence macro plugin after too many REST API calls is slowing the page or showing error 503

Hello everyone

Confluence macro, developed plugin, is making REST API calls towards an external system, and the response from that REST API call is placed back on the Confluence page. After too many REST API calls the Confluence server is displaying the pages slowly or is showing 503 error, and is crashing.

Have someone similar situation like this, what can be the root cause for this problem?

Thank you in advance

If you Google ‘rest api 503 error’ you will find the answer… the server is too busy to respond or is unavailable.

Based on your description, it sounds like you have created a plugin capable of flooding your company’s Confluence Server with API requests to the point of ‘crashing’ it. To me, this infers your plugin is the ‘root cause’ of the problem.

thank you @sunnyape and yes, the plugin is the one that is causing this.

But for example if there are 2,3 plugins making requests to external system in one page does this mean that the slowness of the page will be much more, so there must be a workaround or some kind of solution to overcome this, thus my question is does someone has been in a similar situation, or any suggestion how to prevent this problem ?