Confluence macros can now be inline in Forge

We are happy to announce that we are making “inline macros” support available for Forge modules on Confluence! With the “layout” property set to “inline”, UI kit macros can be treated as inline elements in the editor.
To begin using inline macros on Confluence Forge modules, see the Macro documentation for how to define the “layout” property in the app’s manifest.


EDIT: See my new comment

Hi @MaxBondarenko,

I was quite excited to see this! But the docs say this:

Note : 'inline' type works only for UI kit macros

Just like with the export view of macros, I think it’s a huge problem that you’re limiting features to UI Kit. If apps can’t specify actual HTML but only UI Kit it will look like that these issues are actually resolved while most apps are still blocked.




Hey @SvenSchatter and @BorisBerenberg :slight_smile:

Thanks for reaching out and providing your feedback. We’re fully aware of the limitations that come with UI kit in this scenario. We’re actively working on bringing significantly more flexibility to UI kit and plan to launch an EAP in the coming months.

If you are both interested, I can arrange a call about our plans, give a demo, and get you added to the EAP list?


@danielwinterw I would also like to be added into new UI Kit EAP list. Thanks

@danielwinterw could you please add @TimVerstraete and myself too? Very excited to develop a series of apps with UIKit!

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This is what I call check box development. “Have we fulfilled the basic story that the product manager did - yes? Check - Moving on - entire feature completed”. Real life usage doesn’t seem to matter.

I apologize if that seems harsh - but it is a pattern I keep seeing more and more of.


@danielwester thanks for your feedback :slight_smile:

We know that macros are an essential platform feature and the intent here was to share some progress early. Perhaps, in this case, it was too early and we’ll take this as an opportunity to help refine our release criteria.

To be clear, this is not a release and move-on scenario like you say. We have multiple teams working full-time on enhancing both UI kit and Forge macros. We are actively working to follow this up with a more complete offering. I’ve re-opened the Forge ticket based on the limitations raised.

I’d be happy to share more with you about our specific plans if you are interested.


@danielwinterw - I keep reading UIKit in conjunction with Forge Macros.
Can you clarify, are there plans to support custom UI for inline macros?

@ademoss we haven’t made any decisions on that topic yet. I’d be happy to chat with you over zoom to show you where our current thinking is at and hear your thoughts. Should we set that up?

Anyone concerned with this topic should definitely speak to @danielwinterw. I was very happy to see what he had to show. :slight_smile:


@danielwinterw Thanks for listening to the developers’ feedback. Our team has been thinking of migrating our Connect app on Forge. Inline macro is one of the blockers for us. We’ve been very excited to hear about its release. However, making only UI kit available is an extensive limitation for us. Allowing custom UI for the inline macro and macro parameters would be a solution for our use case. Cheers!

Hey @danielwester,

Great to hear about your future plans for the inline macro functionality extension! Will it be possible to also add (who is a lead software engineer in Handy Macros for Confluence) to your EAP?

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Hi, are there any news regarding inline macro functionality for custom UI?

Is it just me or inline macros do not export to pdf?

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