Confluence Plugin Development

Hello, I am developing a plugin that is able to select an existing page from a workspace. How do I begin? Would really appreciate any help!

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:wave: I’d start with the Confluence Plugin Guide.

And then follow-up here with questions on where you get stuck or need more information.

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Hi! May I ask which module type would be most suitable for this function? Thank you

I think the module type you want to use depends on what you’d like to do with the page once you’ve accessed the page data. Where in Confluence do you expect your app to show users a prompt to select an existing page? Does it happen as part of the Create button prompt? Then you’d use the Blueprint module:
If you expect it to happen in a macro, you’d use the macro module:

As for actually accessing the existing page, you can use the REST API found in the SDK here:

Here is a great getting started page on the SDK:

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