Confluence plugin tutorial - empty page

java : jdk-8u241
sdk: atlassian-plugin-sdk-8.2.7

<!-- pom.xml -->
<!--        <confluence.version>7.19.11</confluence.version>-->
<!--        <>7.19.11</>-->
        <!-- This property ensures consistency between the key in atlassian-plugin.xml and the OSGi bundle's key. -->


is working.


is not working

I think you need a more recent version of the amps - I use 8.10.4.

Furthermore I would go also with a more recent java-version. It should work with 11

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The platform requirements (including the Java version) for Confluence 8.3.x can be found here: Supported Platforms | Confluence Data Center and Server 8.3 | Atlassian Documentation.

As Boris wrote: Java 8 is not supported. You need to use Java 11.

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Thanks bro!