Confluence - prepare and download properties as file at client side

How to prepare my table data as properties file and download into browser on click of a button.

Hi @anon11502118,

Could you please provide us with more information on what you are trying to achieve?
Do you want to build a button that allows the user to download certain data?

Maybe some example code or explain what you mean with ‘my table data’ and a ‘properties file’.


@anon11502118 if you are looking for a pure java-script solution (and if i understood your problem correctly, which is hard, because you do not provide any additional context information) you could try the following:

i was curious if my suggestions would even work. didn’t work with blob-urls in a while… so i created a JsFiddle for you, it should do, what you wanted (supposed i understood you correctly):

i did not use jQuery, which maybe makes the code more readable, i used mouseover and did not do any encoding of the text-data.

maybe this helps :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies. I already found the solution from below, it is working fine.