Confluence REST API and group name with "/"

I’m getting errors in my app when a Confluence group name contains a “/” (forward slash).

I.e. a group called “ateam/intro”.

When I do a call to the Confluence API, with the URI:{groupName}
i.e., I get back a 404 response, as the forward slash in the group name is interpreted as a path.

Am I supposed to use encodeURIComponent() on the group name? Asking because I get the group names from Confluence from another API call in JSON. And I want to avoid errors due to using the wrong encoding. Unfortunately I could not find any information in the documentation.

Further research has shown that groups with names containing a slash are not accessible through the REST API, both with escaped and unescaped slashes.

Opened a bug report with Atlassian on the issue.

Hi @marc,

Can you please share the ticket with us?


Hi @acalantog , thanks for checking.
The ticket is Jira Service Management

Hi @acalantog , were you able to reproduce the issue?

The issue now is tracked at: [CONFCLOUD-68869] group API method cannot fetch group names with a slash - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.

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Hi @marc,

Just wondering if this is solved by the new endpoints which were recently added to the REST API:

Atlassian actually also seems to have deprecated the old endpoints that require the use of group names instead of IDs but have not announced this anywhere if I’m not mistaken.


@sven.schatter Thank you very much for the link

@nmansilla Was/Is there an announcement about deprecation of the get group by name API endpoints? My app relies on this, when will the endpoints be removed?

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According to the docs, the /rest/api/group/{groupName} endpoint is deprecated.

I can access the information about my test/group using /rest/api/group/by-name?name=test/group and /rest/api/group/member?name=test/group. Does this solve your problem?

@candid Thank you for your help! This should work.

The reason I tagged @nmansilla is that @sven.schatter and I did not see any announcement of the deprecation, and the bug report about group names with a “/” is still open. If the API is deprecated, I would have expected that the bug report would be closed with a reference to the deprecation.

Here’s an announcement about deprecations in July around various group related endpoints 6 new Group APIs and 2 Group API deprecations for Confluence Cloud


@rwhitbeck Thanks! Somehow missed that. That implies that [CONFCLOUD-68869] group API method cannot fetch group names with a slash - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products. can be closed?

Oof I even had liked that post… Thanks Ralph :sweat_smile:

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@marc Correct, group names with special characters can now be fetched since it can be queried by using the query parameters instead of the path parameters.

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How does one fetch groups with special characters in Confluence Server/Datacenter edition? The new API is not present there, correct?