Confluence REST API - how to create space blueprint without home page getting auto-deleted?

Hey everyone - so I want to create a software project space, for example, and the following REST call and JSON creates a space of that category. The problem is the the home page gets immediately deleted when the space gets created, causing all of the template pages to lose their ancestor. How do I specify in JSON the home page ID?

I’ve been looking for a solution for weeks on and off. I’d love some help - I spent countless hours researching this and would like to move on.

“name”: “Testing X1”,
“description”: “”,
“context”: {},
“permissions”: “”,
“spaceBlueprintId”: “670ab6c0-c751-41db-966e-3110eb611561”,
“spaceKey”: “TX1”

Here is the space blueprint information:

“id”: “670ab6c0-c751-41db-966e-3110eb611561”,
“moduleCompleteKey”: “com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.confluence-software-project:sp-space-blueprint”,
“i18nNameKey”: “Software project space”,
“pluginClone”: true,
“homePageId”: “f663c4cf-d168-4961-8541-baaf2afd5e28”,
“dialogWizard”: {
“key”: “sp-space-blueprint-wizard”,
“pages”: [
“id”: “spSpaceId”,
“templateKey”: “Confluence.SpaceBlueprints.SoftwareProject.Dialog.dialogForm”,
“titleKey”: “”,
“descriptionHeaderKey”: “”,
“descriptionContentKey”: “”,
“last”: true
“promotedBps”: [
“category”: “software-project”

Sorry I’ve no answer for you, but a question… what is the api to have spaceblueprint info?
My goal is to create space with blueprint (like you do) but I can’t find the space blueprintid…

And if you find a solution to your problem, let me know!
Thanks a lot