Confluence REST API v2: Announcing V2 Additions

Hello everyone!

We are announcing a number of updates to our REST API v2. Among these updates are both new endpoints and additions to existing endpoints.

We appreciate all the feedback we have received, and many of these changes directly correlate to feedback we’ve gotten here on CDAC.

For details on all the changes, please reference our changelog entry here and reference our public documentation here.

We also have a few additions right around the corner that will be released as soon as possible:

  • Returning web ui links fields for comment types
  • Get content properties for <entity-type> (for all entities of specified type)
  • Get likes for <entity-type>
  • Get operations for <entity-type>

Please continue to leave your feedback in the Confluence Cloud category with the rest-api-v2 tag.


Hi @SimonKliewer

Thank you for working on resolving mismatches between V1 and V2.

Regarding the coming release “Get operations for ”, will it include operations for space?
And is there a rough planned release date for it?


Hi @takafumiohtake! I can confirm it will include operations for space! We do not have a definite timeline on release yet, but rest assured we are working to get them ready for production release + support as quickly as possible :slight_smile:

PS: try tacking on /operations to pages, spaces, etc. and let us know what you think!

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