Confluence REST API v2 - Create and update pages into Ancestor/Parent

With the deprecated API endpoints for content which was used to create and updated pages throughout Confluence there was this attribute called ancestor which allowed you to create pages within pages (nested or child parent relationship).

With the new REST API v2 this option does not exist. I’m not sure why this wasn’t a requirement when creating the new version of the REST API but I don’t understand why I would like to use an API if the only location I can create pages in is the root of the site?

Please add the option to create or move a page in/to a different page (Parent).


Dear @TonyLanglet

the v2 endpoint has the parentId field? Doesn’t this help?

Best regards


Hi Andreas1,
I’ve tried using the parentId in a similar way to how spaceId is being used even though it’s not documented anywhere but it still doesn’t create the page in the parent page

  "spaceId": 15,
  **"parentId": 12345678,**
  "status": "current",
  "title": "<string>",
  "body": {
    "representation": "storage",
    "value": "<string>"

Hello, I have exactly the same issue as TonyLanglet.
I search in the documentation, espcially in page and children category, there is no parentId end point and there is no parentId parameter (path, query or body parameter) for create page and update page end point.
Do we miss something?

Hi, we are also watching this parentId issue for migration to v2. Our needs demanst full coverage of v1.

When can we expect the ability to specify the parent id of a page to be implemented?

Hi All - the ability to create a page as a child of another page has been released here.

The ability to update a parent’s page is still in the works. Thanks!