Confluence REST endpoint added? Please let us know about new endpoints!

Hey there,

A few weeks ago I had a very boring evening and decided to set up a tracker for the Confluence Cloud REST API docs. Today that tracker notified me about changes that were made to the docs.

It looks like a new REST endpoint was added:

That’s awesome! Getting new REST API endpoints is great news for everybody! And for this reason it would be awesome if everbody could know about it (without having to set up a script that tracks the docs).

It would be great if new REST API endpoints could be announced either here on CDAC, in the Developer blog, or even just on the front page of the docs.


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@sven.schatter you’re ruining the surprise!

Actually, since you’ve automated this you’ll find that we release docs first before any comms go out. We’re actually holding these comms as this is only half of the new endpoints that are going to be released.

In addition to the Move API we’re also working on releasing a Copy API and hope to have that out in a couple of weeks. Once that is released we’ll post on the Developer blog and here in the forums about the new endpoints.

So yes, we’re going to communicate the new endpoints to you. However we are going to do it all at once.

In the mean time, have fun moving pages RESTFULLY :wink:


Awesome! I’m used to it being the other way around. Good news then! Looking forward to more endpoints! :slight_smile:

@sven.schatter Here you go … the announcement you’ve been waiting for.

@rtalusan and I talk about the new Move and Copy Page APIs in a new Dev Chat video series Dev Chat - A look at the new Move & Copy Page APIs for Confluence Cloud - Atlassian Developer Blog

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Someone just asked me about my docs tracker - so I made the repositories public that are tracking the docs.

It works really well for Confluence and the Marketplace REST API. For Jira the diffs are unfortunately a bit too large to be useful. To get something useful out of the Jira diffs there you’ll maybe need to put them into a JSON Object Diff Viewer or something… but since I mainly work with Confluence I haven’t actually put time into that.

Here you go:

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Thank you for sharing!

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