Confluence.saveMacro fails for specific users

In the last 24 hours we have a number of reports of the confluence.saveMacro call we make in (to update the revision of the attachment being shown) failing for specific users. You can find reports here and here. We also have a number of direct reports filed with us.

A gist of the try/catch around the saveMacro call is at Questions:

  • Is there is a known issue with calls saveMacro affecting specific users?
  • Does the saveMacro call fire an exception if it fails?

Would it be possible to get a ticket on the Confluence Cloud project (I don’t have assign rights, it tells me) please?

I’m hoping one of our reporters might allow Atlassian to debug on their instance.

We have it happening on our test instance from today. Here is the stack trace.

There is a public issue for this here: [CONFCLOUD-57879] Balsamiq mockups failed to load with 404 error - retrieval of attachment descriptor fails - Create and track feature requests for Atlassian products.

I suspect that is a different issue, the trace is different. We also hit that and had to pop up a dialog telling users they can’t insert diagrams in draft pages. [ACJS-786] - Ecosystem Jira is our issue. We had 20+ reports within 24 hours with the saveMacro trace. We’ve switched off all revision handling as a workaround. But in our PlantUML plugin it completely breaks basic functionality.