Confluence search REST API returns incorrect totalSize

In the confluence search REST API (/wiki/rest/api/search), the totalSize is coming incorrect if the totalSize is > page size

Steps to Reproduce{cloud-id}/wiki/rest/api/search?cql=

Expected Results
The value of the “totalSize” key matches the total number of contents.

Actual Result
Returns number same as page size

Same has been reported here

Thanks for sharing @YatinManchanda,

Let’s please continue any discussion about this bug on CONFCLOUD-76861 itself. For anyone else who has this problem, please do watch, vote, and comment to help drive prioritization. In favor of the issue, I’m closing this thread.

Hello @YatinManchanda,

We had an issue that we fixed recently related to this. Can you check again if this is still an issue?


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