Confluence Server migration + switching from MySQL to Postgres DB


we plan to move our current Confluence Server. The guides regarding Confluence migration weren’t really sufficient. Too bad that our colleague who managed Confluence and Jira left the company… Maybe one of the experts here could help.

I performed a fresh install of the latest Confluence version on the new Server and comes up just fine with fresh new created Postgres DB . On the old one are 2 folder.


The question is, how can i now import all the documentation and attachments created by the colleagues ? ( i guess they are all stored in the application-data folder ? ). On the new server is not such a folder. And what would be the best solution to export all the data which are stored in MySQL (mysqldump) so i can import them in Postgres ? Management don’t want that we continue to use MySQL but if it’s too complicated to migrate we get green light to install it on the new box as well.

Installed Software:
CentOS 7.8
Postgres 10
Confluence 7.6.0
adoptopenjdk 11

Thank You very much for any help.

You should probably ask this question over at the user forum (this forum is more focused on developers extending/integrating with atlassian products)

That said - I would look at doing an export and the import of the data through the ui. See for more details.

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Hi Daniel,

thank you for your reply. I will do that :slight_smile: