Confluence Space Import not changing updated_at on Space

:wave: fellow Atlassian Cloud developers…

Using the Import tool in Confluence on a Space doesn’t change the updated_at field on the Space, even though the space is being imported in a Confluence Cloud instance. It seems to me like it should - the Import action is creating a copy of the Space in the Cloud, which didn’t exist before!

Would this change help anyone else in the developer community? How can I go about creating a feature request for this change?

Hello @DannyGrenzowski

Are you referring to the history.lastModified field?
Also, is the history.createdDate being correctly set when the import happens?

If both the above are true, then I’d suggest that as being the preferred behaviour, as importing a new space isn’t updating it, it is creating it. Only after it has been created can it be updated.

Yes, neither those properties nor the created/updated properties that are accessible through CQL update when a Space is imported into a Cloud instance. Nor is there a webhook or event that tells us that an Import happened.

It feels like this is a gap in the Confluence Cloud product. Before you Import a Space, it doesn’t exist in the Cloud instance. Afterwards, it does exist. It seems logical that the copy of the imported Space should therefore be considered created by the import operation.

I get the feeling that there is no record of a space being ‘updated’ or modified, only created, since there is no space versioning history like there is for content.

In the absence of anything else you can always make a call to the v1 Get space endpoint and expand the history resource, which will return createdDate for the space.

I just tried the new v2 Get space properties endpoint, which is supposed to return that same information, but instead I got back a empty results array. Chalk up another bizarre result for the v2 REST API :smile: