Conflunce Cloud Rest Api Pagination and 'total' retrieval

Hi all,
The aim is to retrieve values from the Conf Cloud REST API and display the values in a paginated table (If there are thousands of results, it is not feasible to get all results when only displaying 1 page).

The 2 examples I have are retrieving Groups and Retrieving Users:

Users (Rest API Docs)

/wiki/rest/api/search?cql=type=user and user.fullname~<USERQUERY>&start=<START>&limit=<LIMIT>

This returns Json results, along with start , limit, size and totalSize.
The problem is totalSize ignores not retrieved values, and is exactly the same as size.

/wiki/rest/api/search?cql=type=user and user.fullname~denny&start=0&limit=5

This shows 3 users, and as the limit was 5, all 3 users are returned.


/wiki/rest/api/search?cql=type=user and user.fullname~denny &start=0&limit=2

Returns only 2 users for totalSize.
This means the true ‘total’ is not returned unless i loop through the max limit, each time counting the totalSize until totalSize < limit (No more results would be found).

This cannot be the most efficient method to retrieve all results?

Groups (Rest API Docs)


This returns Json results, along with start, limit and size (If limit is reached, size and limit will be equal, otherwise size < limit as expected). Unlike the user retrieval, there is no totalSize.

When rendering results into Atlaskit DynamicTable, all rows are required. (Not feasible when there may be many thousands of results).
Because of this, I intend to render only the current page. This however requires knowing the total number of results for the pagination buttons (Page 1, Page 2 etc). Is there any way to achieve this at present that does not include looping through API calls, increasing start and limit until I have calculated the actual totalSize value?


Dear @DennyMiller .

I don’t have an answer for you but can confirm that I’m seeing the same issue. It seems to be dependent in the type. If you search for type=page you will get a proper totalSize. However when I search for type=page the start parameter is ignored - I can only use the provided next links. Does it work using the alternative REST endpoint “/rest/api/search/user”?

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Hi @andreas1 ,

Does it work using the alternative REST endpoint “/rest/api/search/user”?

Sadly, this also gives the same problem (set limit below the totalLimit, and I recieve the provided limit - It is only when I increase the limit to be higher than the known limit that the totalLimit is correct).

It is strange how you say type=page works. I have not tested this myself, but it is User cql i require, not page meta.

One other thing to note: Using the above example (Have 3 results returned, with a limit of 5), but if the start is set (e.g. 1), the totalLimit is now 1 lower than expected - Again, the total is being calculated from the returned values, not the actual values found.

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