Confused Newbie: Is Atlassian Jira Web panel tutorial flawed?

Hawdy everyone.

This is my first post, so please be nice to me :slight_smile: Especially since I’m about to ask a stupid question. But I’m new to Jira plug-in dev and this has been kicking my butt for a few days now…

I been fighting this tutorial:

I did it 4 times. First with my own names to learn what points to what, but when that didn’t work, 3 more times to the letter of what Atlassian is writing.
None of them work. Once I fixed my typos, they all give a
“Error rendering ‘com.example.plugins.tutorial.tutorial-jira-add-content-to-view-issue-screen:due-date-indicator’. Please contact your Jira administrators.” in a red box with red !

The completed tutorial linked in the article does work, so I threw Ultra compare at it, to try and find the diff. No luck.

But then I started reading some more and eventually got to this article
Under class is states that you can not have both a class and a resource and when I comment out the class, ta da… It renders.

But now there is no class, so there is no data for the velocity template.
Again, the completed “code” linked in the tutorial does work and it has both a class and a velocity resource. So just when I thought I found the smoking gun, I just got more confused…

So all you clever folks, please help.

PS. I’m not including source as it’s probably easier just to do the tutorial. They say it takes an hour, but if you just copy the completed class and template, it’s more like 5-10 minutes…


Ok, so I just realised I mixed up the class attribute with the class in context provider. Maybe by luck, since commenting out the context provider is what makes it render.

Maybe I have something wrong with java class? But that file is bit by bit equal to the one in the finished tutorial on bitbucket, so mystery remains…