Congratulations to our 2019 Marketplace Vendor Award winners!

We are thrilled to announce the winners for our 2019 Marketplace Vendor Partner Awards. The past year was especially notable as the Atlassian Ecosystem reached $1B in lifetime sales, which we could not have done without these Marketplace vendor partnerships and the broader Marketplace community. Please help us to congratulate:

Award Category Winner
Best New Vendor Zeplin
Fastest Cloud Growth Xpand IT
Fastest Data Center Growth Adaptavist
SaaS Integration: Fastest Growth SoftServe
Top Rated App Spartez
Developer Contributor @sven.schatter from LivelyApps

Thank you again for all your hard work in partnering with us to drive better Atlassian solutions with your Marketplace apps. As we celebrate their accomplishments with our customers at Remote Summit, tune in for other great announcements.


Awesome to see @sven.schatter there - well deserved!!!

(Oh and congrats to the rest of you as well :wink: )


Thanks, @rchu!

It would be awesome if you could share the criteria that you have used for defining the winners.
Like, for example, why Zeplin is the best new vendor?

That will add more transparency and could show the vendors where to move.


Hi @anton2, we shared the high level criteria when when we initially announced the awards categories last September to the community. I hope this helps!

Got it thanks!
I was not vendor at that day, so I have missed that announcement :slight_smile: