Connect app dialog iframes suddenly changed from transparent white background

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In 2 of our confluence connect apps, the background of app dialog iframes suddenly changed from transparent to solid white. Did other vendors see this? Was this an intentional Atlassian change? Was there some notice we missed on how to keep transparent.

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I see this here too. This is a breaking change and it destroys the UI of apps that need to implement variable-size modals. Atlassian, can this be rolled back?

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@Chris_at_DigitalRose and @scott.dudley,

Sorry, I have no information about this change but, based on what Scott says about “breaking change” and “roll back”, I suggest opening an incident at:

One piece of information that would likely help lead to a faster result is to include more details about how your app hooks into this. As I’m less familiar with the front-end, it would take me a while to figure out the right Connect extension point related or Javascript call (presumably into all.js) so that I could reproduce the problem. I think the same would be true for developer support.

Thanks @ibuchanan. Reported here: ECOHELPPUB-64

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Hi all - This was reported a few days back and a fix has already been worked and it’s awaiting release. I am the engineer leading our Confluence effort to adopt theming with design tokens. This style change was slightly errant as we’ve been methodically updating the Confluence codebase to be capable of displaying different themes. For a status on the fix, please follow

On the topic of theming….if you haven’t already, please take a look at our announcement for theming being available to preview for the Developer Canary Program: Announcing Confluence Cloud Theming Preview for Developer Canary Program