Connect App installation request received after application update for instances with no valid license


When we release a new version of our connect App R4J it is common to receive load of installation requests. The problem is that we receive installation requests for instances that do not have any valid licenses anymore.

We follow Atlassian’s policies for retaining customer DBs, meaning DBs are deleted 15 days after the license expiration. Once we receive the installation request, we will re-create the customer DB. Which is useless as the customer no longer has any valid license.

  1. Is it normal to receive App installation requests for instances that have no valid license? Even many months after the expiration?
  2. Is there anyway to inform Atlassian that we deleted the customer DB and that it should uninstall the App from a particular instance?
  3. If so, do we need to validate every single installation request coming from Atlassian? That means, do we need an additional call to the Jira API to check if the instance really has a valid license?
  4. We also notice that we still receive webhook requests after the app license expiration. For these cases, we don’t create a new DB. But it would be better not to receive webhooks for customers that have no valid license after a while.

Thanks in advance,

This is turning out to be a big issue for us as well. We rely on install hooks to reactivate a customer and it gets confusing to know if an app was really installed or is Atlassian trying to rotate its secret key or update information.