Connect app jiraIssueContexts icon url is treated as absolute always

I have migrated our Connect app from webPanels to jiraIssueContexts. It works fine just our icon is displayed as missing if the app is not deployed in the sever root directory. E.g. we have in our atlassian-connect.json

"baseUrl": "",
// ...
"modules": { 
    "jiraIssueContexts": [{
        "icon": {
            "width": 32,
            "height": 32,
            "url": "icon_32x32.png"

And all the files are located in the v1.1 directory on the server, but in the browser the final HTML of a Jira issue has icon URL like

<img src="">

The icon property doc says: You can specify the URL as an absolute URL or relative to the add-on’s base URL. Also, the target.url in the same atlassian-connect.json works as relative, even when it starts with a slash /. So, I assume the icon.url should be relative, too, and this behaviour is a bug?

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