Connect app key length restriction obstructs Cloud migrations

Hi Team,

We are planning our Cloud apps and would very much prefer a shared Marketplace listing of course. To my surprise I recently realized that the Connect App descriptor documents the app key length to be incredibly short with just 64 characters, which would block us from doing just that (we have P2 apps with keys around ~72 chars). Today I noticed that the referenced JSON schemas claim the key length to be 80 chars though (Confluence | Jira), and the validator confirms our mock descriptors to be valid in turn (while failing for 81 chars).

Now, to avoid surprises around this discrepancy down the road, I’d appreciate if you could confirm that the schema is accurately validating 80 characters as the currently supported app key length? And either way, can you provide an outlook when this limitation is going to be relaxed so that the presumably notable number of affected Server apps can be smoothly migrated to the Cloud?

Many thanks!


Hi @sopel - I can validate that the limit is currently 64 chars. We are updating the docs to be consistent. Thanks for flagging with us.

RE: outlook on when the limitation is going to be relaxed, I unfortunately don’t have an answer at the moment. AFAIK its not in our near term plans but will ask around to see if we can pull it in to help unblock migration path development.


Thanks for looking into this @akassab - I’m still confused though, can you please clarify: The docs already state that the limit is currently 64 chars, yet the JSON schema and in turn the validator are accepting 80 chars, so if the “limit is currently 64 chars” indeed, this would require a schema/code rather than a docs update?

In terms of prioritization, please note that this limitation technically conflicts with your own Additional [app approval] criteria for cloud apps:

No duplicate, separate listing(s) : If your cloud app has the same essential functionality as an existing server app you’ve published previously, it should share the same listing. You can do this by clicking Create version from the App versions screen.

Unfortunately it seems we actually can’t do this - presumably this wouldn’t be enforced in such a scenario, still it’s an odd contradiction … :wink:

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@sopel - I meant the JSON schema and validator will be updated to reflect the limitation. I’ll also make sure the Additional [app approval] criteria for cloud apps is updated as well because, you’re right, it is an odd contradiction.

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