Connect Express: Authenticate against JIRA when request is initiated by 3rd party webhook

Our add-on is connection information between JIRA and a 3rd party platform. I have created a web hook to inform the add-on when something changes on the 3rd party platorm (that is possibly linked to JIRA). In that case the add-on receives a push notification. Now I need to authenticate against JIRA without receiving a request from the JIRA cloud before.

So usually for an existing add-on installation the flow is:

  1. User interacts with JIRA cloud
  2. Add-on receives request from JIRA cloud
  3. connect expresss middleware authenticates request
  4. add-on can interact with JIRA Rest API via httpClient

Now I have following scenario:

  1. User interacts with 3rd party plaform
  2. 3rd party platform sends push to add-on
  3. Add-On needs to authenticate against JIRA cloud ( -> is that possible and how?)

Any help or bump to the right direction is appreciated!

Since you’re using Atlassian Connect Express, then your app should already have all of the shared secrets etc so take a look at
Bitbucket - see " How to send a signed outbound HTTP request back to the host"

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