Connect has returned to a per-installation secret model

This is a reminder/confirmation that Connect has returned to a per-installation(per-tenant/per-app) secret model [Changelog]. All app installs and upgrades will receive a new install payload with a new secret.

For more detail around the background of this change, please see the previous announcement.

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@HanjooSong does this mean you have resolved the problem with not respecting scopes for customer installations and are resuming the rotation?

Hi @remie , yes the scope problem during secret rotation has been resolved. But instead of performing the secret rotation for existing installations(Like we had done earlier), per-installation based secrets will be shared to your app when your app is newly installed or gets upgraded.

@HanjooSong thanks for reminder.
In case I’m using the ACE to handle authentication, is it entirely handled by it?

@ZbigniewPiecuch Yes ACE framework will handle this correctly.

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Great, thanks.

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