Connect on Forge deploy fails

I have a connect on forge application manifest which used to work fine , but when I try the forge deploy command today I get the below error.

i Validating manifest
  Upload URL is valid
  Found manifest file
  Manifest is a valid YAML
  Manifest validation failed
Validation errors: {
  "validationResult": {
    "tid": "c661a340d3e26802",
    "code": 400,
    "type": "UpsertEnvironmentRequestInvalidError",
    "message": "Upsert Environment Request body is invalid. Details must match format \"uri\",must match format \"uri\""

Error: Deployment failed

It looks as if the manifest file is no longer accepting Connect module’s context parameters

    "jira:generalPages": [
        "url": "/projects/{}",
        "key": "connect-app",
        "location": "none",
        "name": {
          "value": "Views"

If I remove the context parameter from the url, the forge deploy command succeeds.

Kindly help


I have raised a bug in the Ecosystem Portal as its preventing new release/updates for the App - ECOHELP-6674

Hey @ajay ,

just FYI, here’s a post dicussing the same issue, with an atlassian answer: Forge-connect app: questions about migration - #4 by jhazelwood

TLDR: issue is known


@FabianSiegel1 Thanks for the pointer . :star_struck:

The issue has been fixed by Atlassian - Refer ECOHELP-6674