Connect Validator Tool no longer available


The connect app descriptor documentation states there is a connect validator tool developers can use to validate their app descriptors,validation%20service%20for%20app%20descriptors.&text=The%20validator%20will%20check%20that,you%20want%20to%20validate%20against.

Unfortunately this now appears to 404 when we attempt to use it.

Is there an alternative url we can use to have access to the validator?

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This is the URL that is no longer working

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Any updates on this? Would be nice for this to be available again. I wonder if this is due to Heroku shutting down their free plan…

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Someone else shared this as an alternative:



We have made some updates to the JSON schema app to replace features that the Connect validator used to have, namely a summary of the validation results and improved support for Connect documentation.

Please check out the changes here (the docs have also been updated with these links):


Thanks Sam. Love the new interface!

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Thanks for updating the validator tool!
After using it, we get warnings like:
Warning String is not a URI: URI with a scheme is expected.

"icon": {
          "width": 64,
          "height": 64,
          "url": "/img/64x64.png"

However we believe relative should be allowed.

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Thank you for this bug report. You are correct that relative URLs are allowed.

Taking a look at the JSON schema for resource identifiers it looks like we should be using uri-reference instead of uri:

If the values in the schema have the ability to be relative to a particular source path (such as a link from a webpage), it is generally better practice to use “uri-reference” (or “iri-reference”) rather than “uri” (or “iri”). “uri” should only be used when the path must be absolute.

However currently we are using Draft 4 of the schema specification, which doesn’t support uri-reference:

Draft 4 only includes "uri", not "uri-reference". Therefore, there is some ambiguity around whether "uri" should accept relative paths.

Hopefully we can move to Draft 7 and get this changed over. Thanks again for pointing it out.


Hi @SamLeatherdale ,
Thanks for your fast reply and work!

Thanks for the update.
We are getting some Property serviceDeskPortalRequestViewPanels is not allowed. even if you are using this property the same way you explained in your documentation :
The same apply for serviceDeskPortalRequestCreatePropertyPanels property.
Could you check this?